Ranieri Construction, a prominent family owned and operated business for two generations has been a leader in the concrete pool decking and restoration industry. By gaining knowledge and experience everyday to stay on the cutting edge of our profession, we have expanded our company to more than architectural concrete flatwork. You can count on Ranieri Construction for all your backyard plans and dreams. Working together with the customer, we can handle your landscape design needs to make them a reality.

        Here is a list of our extensive capabilities.

Swimming Pool Decking

Swirl, Broom, Pavers, Bluestone, Granite, Brick, Kool Deck®

Complete Pool Restoration

Gunite, Concrete, Fiberglass and Steel construction

  1. BulletCustom Vinyl Liners fabricated to fit any pool type

  2. BulletCoping, Tiling, Plastering

  3. BulletStructural issues

  4. BulletCracks, leaks, plumbing

Concrete deck repair

  1. BulletCoatings

  2. BulletStains

  3. BulletPaints

  4. BulletSkim Coats

  5. BulletCrack repair

Masonry & Landscaping

Brick and Stone Work

  1. BulletChimneys and Fireplaces

  2. BulletSteps

  3. BulletInterlocking Retaining Walls

  4. BulletRip Rap

  5. BulletLandscape Design/Build

  6. BulletLight Excavation and Grading

  7. BulletDrainage


  1. BulletDriveways

  2. BulletSidewalks

  3. BulletFloors

  4. BulletGeneral Masonry Repairs

  5. BulletConcrete Sawcutting

  6. BulletPressure Washing

On our site, you will be looking at actual photographs of our work. These are not copied from other websites, books, pamphlets, etc. We pride ourselves highly on our flawless 35 years in the swimming pool decking industry.  Most of the photos are taken by the customers since it is difficult for us to take photos while working. We decided to put our pictures online with the added feature that they cannot be copied or printed so we apologize if this creates any inconvenience.

Images Copyright Ranieri